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Source: Packers craft list of concessions to entice Aaron Rodgers to return at least one more season

7/26/2021 8:13:50 PM
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To ensure the return of their reigning NFL MVP quarterback, the Packers now are offering concessions to try to convince Aaron Rodgers to return to Green Bay for at least one more season, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports citing league sources.

Over the past weekend, the two sides were able to reach mutually agreed-upon terms that are close to convincing Rodgers to abandon plans he had to skip training camp and instead return for it.

It is not done yet, and Rodgers still hasn't left California, but both sides are hoping to finalize the agreement shortly, per sources.

The agreement in principle would include an approximation of the following conditions that the two sides now are finalizing to alleviate and address some of Rodgers' issues before the opening of Tuesday's training camp:

  • The 2023 year in Rodgers' contract -- the last one in his current deal -- would be voided, with no tags allowed in the future.
  • The Packers would agree to review Rodgers' situation at the end of this season.
  • Rodgers' contract would be adjusted with no loss of income to give the Packers more cap room now.
  • Mechanisms will be put in place to address Rodgers' issues with the team.

The Packers' agreement to "review" the situation after the season implies that the team will trade Rodgers if he still feels the way he has about the Packers' culture and decision-making.

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