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Cowboys release statement on the arrest of Jay Ratliff

1/28/2013 3:55:23 PM
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The Cowboys released a statement today about the arrest of nose guard Jay Ratliff last week on suspicion of DWI, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. It came from Calvin Hill of the team’s player development program.
Here is the text of the statement:

“Having recently experienced the most tragic of circumstances regarding this issue, we, as an organization, understand the ultimate consequences of driving while impaired.
We know that one incident is too many.

The critical goal is to effect the decision making process in the hours before the wrong decision is made.

Our player assistance programs in the areas of preventing incidents such as these are at the highest level in professional sports, but we are always looking to do better and for ways to improve. We will continue to draw upon the best expertise and resources available, both internally and from outside the organization, to work toward being the best in the areas of education, prevention, and effecting the right decisions.

We have been in communication with Jay Ratliff regarding this incident, and we will monitor the legal process and work within the NFL guidelines for player behavior moving forward.”

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