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Cardinals DT Dockett almost requested trade

1/27/2013 11:36:37 AM
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Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is traveling to New Orleans just to meet with new head coach Bruce Arians, Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic reports.

He is out of the doghouse, back in the team’s plans, and couldn’t be more excited.

“I did my research on Bruce,” Dockett said. “And he’s a great guy. I talked to a lot of players that played with him — Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney, even some guys in Pittsburgh. They all vouched for him. They all said he’s a good guy.

In the locker room after the final game of the season, Dockett knew his future came down to Michael Bidwill’s decision. If Whisenhunt returned, he was going to ask for a trade, which the team surely would oblige. He tried to act indifferent. He vowed to return to the NFC West, hell-bent on revenge. They were all defense mechanisms that proved how badly he wanted to remain in Arizona.

Now, Dockett is welcomed back, liberated by both the change in head coach and defensive coordinator. He is one of the few who will not miss Ray Horton.

“(Arians) told me he is going to put me in my regular position that I had been playing over the years, (when) I was a dominant force in the middle,” Dockett said. “That got me fired up right away because I’ve been just looking for another opportunity to do what I do best, and that’s go out and dominate games. …

“I never wanted to be an Albert Haynesworth. I never wanted to be one of those guys who will get paid a lot of money and get into the media and (complain) about the position and things like that. I just sucked it up (under Horton). I just did my best at a position that I was never really great at. But again, I just never wanted to be one of those guys, and I just wanted to put the team first. And I wasn’t going to let my selfish ways get involved with our team. I sacrificed.”

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