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Jim Schwartz lacked control, unnamed Detroit Lion says

1/1/2013 10:39:33 AM
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An unnamed Lions player told Mike Freeman of CBS Sports that the team's lack of control before and during the disastrous 4-12 season was coach Jim Schwartz's fault.

"I think players first and foremost are at fault," the player said. "I also think Coach lost control of the team a little. I hope he comes back. It would be stupid to fire him, but we were an undisciplined team. Most of that is on us.

But everyone needs to be accountable. The coaches, the players, the front office. Guys need to stop acting like assholes off the field. Need to stop getting stupid penalties. The truth is coaches need to punish guys more when they screw up."

While reports of Schwartz's job being in jeopardy might have been exaggerated, there's no question that Lions ownership feels the same way as that player does. Ownership, I'm told, believes the team's culture -- including off-the-field arrests and on-field penalties -- is a problem.

"We go from the playoffs to a laughingstock in a year," the player said. "That's on us first. But everyone has to take the heat, including the coaches."

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