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Jerry Jones: Possible lawsuit about Goodell, not Zeke

11/10/2017 12:54:57 PM
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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said the lawsuit he is considering filing against the NFL and other owners has nothing to do with how poorly he believes Ezekiel Elliott has been treated in the league's investigation into domestic violence, Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas reports.

While not pleased that Elliott has been suspended for six games after the running back's latest legal battle fell short, Jones' bigger issue is with the negotiations over Roger Goodell's new contract.

"I basically feel this extension of Roger should go and be reviewed and approved by all the owners, not just a few of the owners," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. "The committee that basically negotiates the salary with our commissioner is taking the view, especially the chairman, that they in a limited group can complete this agreement.

"I disagree. I think we should, with all of the interest and commitment that you have throughout the ownership ... this is simply about making sure that all clubs have input into ... the commissioner, his extension, but also in future years, his decisions. We all see how impactful a commissioner's decision can be in many areas. We've given him a lot of power. I think we need the checks and balances of ownership having to actually be in a position to not just suggest but approve of his decisions. So that's what this is about."

Jones said his feelings about the Elliott decision are separate from those concerning the Goodell negotiations.

"The facts are, the issues that involve the commissioner are far more reaching," Jones told the Cowboys' flagship network. "I've been dealing with this commissioner for almost 28 years, as an employee of the NFL. Zeke's been involved here a year, a year and a half. Those are really separate issues as to Zeke. The policy that we have that has impacted Zeke is more of my issue with the commissioner, moreso than Zeke's particular circumstance."

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