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Bryan Edwards: Fit in Arthur Smith's offense as good as it gets for me

7/5/2022 4:51:52 PM
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Even before he was traded from the Raiders to the Falcons in the offseason, Bryan Edwards thought he could be a good fit in Arhtur Smith’s offense, Josh Kendall of The Athletic reports. “I just knew he liked the big-bodied receiver and they ran a lot of in-breaking routes with a lot of guys who could get YAC and make big plays off YAC,” Edwards said. “When I heard I was coming here, I felt like it was a really good fit for me, probably as good as it was going to get.”

Edwards is right about all of that, and there’s something he didn’t mention that further illustrates his point — his experience on go routes. Edwards ran 136 go routes last season, which ranked 18th among NFL wide receivers. The Falcons ranked 31st in the NFL in percentage of go routes run (12.8 percent) in 2021. They had to find some deep threats, and Edwards is one of the two they added. (More on the other one shortly.)

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