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NFL tells Redskins cap penalty won't be reconsidered

3/18/2013 7:32:07 AM
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NFL officials, including Commissioner Roger Goodell, informed the Washington Redskins that the league is unwavering on the team’s two-year, $36 million salary cap reduction and has no intention of considering a lessening of the penalty, two people familiar with the situation said Sunday, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

League representatives had a series of recent conversations with the Redskins about the salary cap penalty, said one of those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because team officials have said they do not consider the matter fully resolved. The team and the league, that person said, were in communication about the salary cap reduction as recently as early last week.

Redskins officials said at a news conference last Monday that they had abandoned hopes of recovering any of their lost salary cap space before last Tuesday’s opening of the NFL free agent market, but they had not given up on recouping cap space in the future.

According to the other person with knowledge of the matter, Goodell personally told the team that the league is unyielding on the salary cap reduction, the remaining $18 million of which must be absorbed by the Redskins this year. It was not clear to whom Goodell delivered that message or when that happened. But Goodell left open no possibility that the league will reconsider, the person said.

“It won’t happen,” that person said.

According to one of the people, the league won’t relent in part because it does not believe there is any reason to do so, and in part because any change to the penalty would have to be ratified by the other NFL teams and the players’ union. Both groups approved the original penalties given last year to the Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys, who received a $10 million salary cap reduction over two years.

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