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Brian Cushing hopes injury brings more protection for defenders

2/21/2013 3:13:52 PM
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This week in Indianapolis, the competition committee is staging its initial meetings for the 2013 season, and the idea of eliminating all low blocks is on the table, Albert Breer of NFL Network and reports.

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing tore his ACL on a low block from New York Jets guard Matt Slauson that he felt was avoidable. 

"I'm happy they're taking the initiative to look at this," Cushing said. "To me, it's an acknowledgement that defensive players have to be protected, too. I wasn't the first guy to go down like this; there have been similar injuries. What happened, that's a play that can be eliminated. You look at the play, it doesn't need to be done. So for them to go back and really acknowledge that guys need to be protected, that's moving in the right direction."

"I can understand if you're 180 pounds and trying to block a 300-pound guy, and you know you have no chance," Cushing said. "But I'm not looking, we're behind the ball, and it's low. And he specifically, with a purpose, went for the knee. There was nothing clean about it. There's no debate on whether it was clean. The league fined him $10,000, so they had a problem with it; they felt there needed to be a fine, which means they agreed it wasn't a clean play."

Asked about having heard from Slauson, Cushing quickly responded, "No. But I didn't expect that. It's how he wanted to go about that. I don't have a relationship with him, nor am I looking for one. It doesn't bother me. It wasn't gonna help me come back, and I don't really care what he thinks."

"I'm not the first; a lot of people have spoken up," he said. "If it saves other guys from things like this and prevents future injury because we spoke up about it, that's great. If that means football is safer going forward, and more people feel comfortable playing, even better."

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