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NFL to be more 'proactive' in supervision of fields

2/20/2013 6:58:07 PM
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According to Ray Anderson, the league's vice president of football operations, the NFL will be "more proactive" in deciding how or when to resod fields, Clark Judge of CBS Sports reports. While Anderson, here for competition committee meetings at the annual NFL Scouting Combine, said the league would not assume control from local stadium authorities, he did indicate it needs to be more involved in overseeing field conditions to minimize the chances of another FedEx mess from occurring.

"The policy is that the clubs -- or the stadium authority --has a lot of discretion with regard to the field," he said. "They determine the usage of the field, with regard to high school games, college games, concerts, etc. and they have typically had the discretion to determine when they want to ... or need ... to resod.

"Going forward, we're going to be much more proactive about making sure we, at the league level, make determinations, particularly with natural surfaces, later in the year subject to weather factors. We must be more attentive and more assertive about when certain standards or resodding or maintenance needs to be redone."

"There will be those who would say that field could have been resodded a month or so prior when conditions would have ended up being better at the end," Anderson said in answer to a question of the field's condition. "As a league, we go out and inspect and monitor [fields], but we've got to be more forceful about taking [matters] into our hands.

 "I'm not necessarily talking about taking it out of their hands. But when our observers see a situation we will be much more forceful about saying this needs to be done and that this in fact will be done. We do spot-checks all the time and have a field certification process with regard to being able to determine hardness for instance. But from the league's perspective, we need to be more proactive determining the hardness and slickness and things like that with regard to playability."

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