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Jon Gruden is not a fan of the NFL's offseason rules

2/15/2018 3:44:27 PM
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It's safe to say that Raiders coach Jon Gruden is not a fan of the NFL's offseason rules.

In an interview with Jerry McDonald of Bayareanewsgroup, Gruden said, " You're not allowed to do anything. You're not allowed to coach your players. I've called several players, introduced myself. I think that's legal.

"I'm not having contact with everybody. I've had people call me to tell me that Marshawn Lynch didn't show up to a meeting that we had. I mean, there's a lot of stuff out there that's being written that's not even true. We're not allowed to have any real contact. It's pretty clear on what the rules are. All you've got to do is read 'em."

"I hate it,"  Gruden continued.  "Personally. When I was out of coaching, I had players come and visit me to help them with getting their football fix. A lot of these guys want to work. A lot of these guys are dying to work. And a lot of these men have hired independent coaches to help them work. But the big thing is, I just want to start having relationships with these guys, learn what makes them tick. What motivates them. How they learn. The only way you can learn is by being with people but there's some geniuses out there that have put together this formula and we're going to certainly abide by the rules."

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